Agent Carter: Time and Tide Review

Agent Carter Review

In the latest episode of Agent Carter, Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) gets closer to recovering Howard Stark’s stolen goods. However, the SSR agents arrest Jarvis (James D’Arcy), which could destroy her progress. When the show opens, a man is spying on Peggy from outside her house, as she begins to research the sign. Peggy holds the man at gunpoint and learns that his name is Jimmy (Tim James) and he is looking for his girlfriend. Next, Roger Dooley (Shea Whigham) and Ray Krzeminski (Kyle Bornheimer) search the Green Suit’s room, where they find a couple of passports for different aliases.

Next, Peggy shares lunch with the girls. Molly Bowden (Laura Coover) enters and explains that she is tired, since Jimmy snuck in last night. Next, Miriam Fry (Meagen Fay) calls Molly out, after telling the guys they’re not allowed to have boys above the first floor. Afterwards, Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) briefs the crew about Leet Brannis. Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) enters and reveals the license plate, which was found at the end of the last episode) belonged to Howard Stark.

Peggy meets with Jarvis and reveals she has come up with a plan. Sousa and Thompson shows up and speaks with Jarvis about the car, which Jarvis reported stolen seven days ago. Thompson forces Jarvis to travel downtown with them. Next, Peggy returns to the SSR headquarters, where Jarvis is being questioned. Jarvis is shown pictures of the men killed in the last period, but he refuses to provide the agents with any helpful intel. Thompson continues to push Jarvis, by using his dishonorable discharge against him. He also threatens to deport Jarvis’s wife.

Peggy leaves the room, in fear the Jarvis is getting close to cracking. She gets some paperwork and gets Dooley’s signature on it. Meanwhile, Jarvis has still not spoke, but the agents believe they’re on their way. Peggy duped Dooley and caused him to sign the paperwork, which is responsible for setting Jarvis free. Dooley reprimands Peggy for her “mistake”. When the show returns, Peggy gets a visit from Angie Martinelli (Lyndsy Fonseca), who wants to speak about her day. The pair leave Peggy’s rooms and is introduced to a new tenant, Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan).

Peggy returns to Jarvis and questions, if he wishes to tell her anything. Since he doesn’t, they being their project, by scaling down a massive hole in the floor. The pair end up in the New York sewers. Jarvis reveals that his treason charge was dropped almost immediately. After Jarvis reveals that Howard helped him out of the situation, the pair make it to the pier, where they find a boat. When the show returns, Jarvis and Peggy visit the boat. It appears someone is following them. They discover the heart symbol, which Leet drew, on the boat.

Peggy finds some dangerous, stolen items on the boat. Jarvis suggests it is a bad idea to report the items to police, since it will put Peggy under suspicion. He insists she will need to work from the shadows, in order to clear Stark’s name. Jarvis reports the information from a pay phone, by using a fake voice. Sousa and Ray head towards the tip location, while Peggy is confronted by Butch Wallace (Patrick Robert Smith), who appears angry.

When the show returns, Butch and Peggy begin to fight. Jarvis steps in to help Peggy, which gives her time to disable Butch’s arm, before knocking him out. Sousa arrives at the boat and finds Butch inside, before locating Stark’s chemicals. Ray is happy to get credit for the recovery, but Sousa isn’t, as he insists someone is working from the shadows. The agents question Butch’s motives for sitting on the chemicals. Ray drives Butch towards the station, when Butch mentions an English woman. Their vehicle is smashed from behind, as Ray gets out, he is shot and killed. The unknown individual also executes Butch, before driving off.

When Peggy returns to work, she discovers that Ray has been killed. Sousa tells her about the murder, which was likely a professional hit. Sousa insists the person, who gave the anonymous tip, set up the murder. Next, Dooley blames the entire situation on Howard Stark. Next, Peggy heads to the Automat, where she speaks with Angie, before telling her about her day and the death of one of her coworkers. The pair was back on good terms, as the show ends.


It is easy to see the potential of Agent Carter. So far, we’ve had three solid episodes, with fantastic writing and excellent acting. Time and Tide took the series a step higher, with the emotional death of Ray Krzeminki, which will obviously cause Carter to blame herself. This leaves one to question the killer’s identity. Overall, this was another good episode, which deserves an 8 out of 10.

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