Agent Carter: SNAFU Review

Agent Carter Ovechkin

In a flashback, Dr. Ivchenko (Ralph Brown), who is going by another name, helps to take away Ovechkin’s (Pawel Szadja) pain, in order to amputate his leg. With the doctor’s help, the private ignores his pain, while speaking about his mother. Back at the SSR headquarters, Peggy (Hayley Atwell) is interviewed, by Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj). The interrogation turns nasty, when Daniel accuses Peggy of killing Ray. Amongst the chatter, Dr Ivchenko tells Roger Dooley (Shea Whigham) that Peggy is an excellent liar. Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) informs Dooley of the death of another agent. Carter is interviewed repeatedly, by each SSR agent. After further arguments, Peggy insists the agents need to capture Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan).

Dottie Underwood

Next, we see Dottie, who is looking at baby carriages. She purchases one, along with a blanket and suggests her baby is coming soon. Meanwhile, Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy) attempts to enter the SSR headquarters, by inquiring about Chief Dooley. He insists he has the signed confession of Howard Stark. Dooley makes a deal to set Jarvis and Peggy free, when Stark gives himself up. He also kicks Peggy out of the SSR. When they’re alone, Jarvis reveals he wrote the confession and Stark knows nothing about it. Meanwhile, Dooley is convinced, by Ivchenko, to call his wife and apologize. Meanwhile, Jarvis plans his escape, which Peggy suggests is ludicrous. At the same time, Ivchenko sends signals to Dottie, who is across the street in another building. Peggy notices it and writes it down. She learns Leviathan is coming in 90 minutes!

Agent Carter Interrogation

Peggy tells Dooley the truth about everything. She tells them about Ivchenko sending messages in Morse Code, but they don’t seem to believe her. Finally, she opens Howard Stark’s invention and shows them Captain America’s blood. Daniel convinces Dooley to take the threat serious. A few agents are sent in Dottie’s direction, while Dooley returns to the Doctor, who begins to hypnotize him once again. Ivchenko suggests him and Dooley have something important to take care of. Daniel and Thompson agree they both believe Carter, while they ride the elevator up to Dottie’s location.

The pair separate. Dooley gets Jarvis and Peggy to a private room, where he pulls a gun on them, before locking them inside permanently. In the other building Dottie notices Daniel and hides. Dooley leads the doctor directly to Stark’s inventions, before helping him locate Item 17. Meanwhile, Dottie and Daniel fight, but she gets away. Dooley leads the doctor out of the building, but is given specific instructions. Dottie picks up the Doctor and the pair flee.

Peggy Carter Edwin Jarvis

Peggy and Jarvis begin their escape, by smashing the mirror, with the table they’re handcuffed to. The pair contemplate their chances, before they finally bust through. Thompson shows up immediately. Dooley arrives at home. He explains his situation to his wife, before insisting he just wants to come home. However, it was only a dream and Dooley is wearing Stark’s vest, which works like a heat source. Jarvis insists the jacket could overheat and explode. Meanwhile, Daniel finds the dead dentist. He also discovers the note, which Dottie wrote about killing Peggy.

Roger Dooley

The scientist has no solution for Dooley’s problem. Instead, Dooley suggests he has a solution of his own. He runs and jumps out of the window, before he explodes. Daniel returns and finds out about Dooley’s demise, while Peggy blames herself, but Jarvis suggests it is Stark’s inventions. Dottie heads into a theater, with her carriage. She releases gas into the air, before exiting and barring the door. Peggy and crew begin a frantic search to find out what the doctor took. Jarvis has no idea what Item 17 is capable of doing. Inside the theater, everyone begins coughing and fighting. A worker opens the room and finds all of the customers dead.


The beginning of the episode wasn’t packed, with tons of action, but it was intriguing nonetheless. The interactions and interrogations between Peggy and her SSR comrades was very entertaining. In the latter half of the episode, things sped up quickly and Roger Dooley was forced to give his life, in order to protect his fellow SSR agents. The doctor made his escape, with Dottie and Howard Stark’s mysterious invention, which seems to make people go insane. Although this is a little cliche and overdone, it was still fun. The episode deserves a 8 out of 10.

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