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Marvel Agent Carter

In the pilot episode of Agent Carter, Carter makes contact with Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper), who is an old comrade accused of using a deadly weapon. Can Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) clear Howard’s name?

When the show opens, Peggy Carter speaks with Captain America (Chris Evans), who attempts to land a plane, in order to avoid crashing into New York. We’re introduced to Colleen O’Brien (Ashley Hinshaw), who speaks about training some of the men. Colleen believes Peggy works at the phone company. When Carter heads to the phone company, she is granted access to the Strategic Scientific Reserve’s Headquarters. Next, we’re introduced to Howard Stark. Stark is accused of selling weapons to the enemies of the United States.

Roger Dooley (Shea Whigham, Boardwalk Empire, True Detective) briefs the team about Stark. Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) suggests freezing his bank accounts and planes, while peggy insists Howard is innocent. Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) is belittled by the boys and Peggy, after he stands up for her. Next, Peggy speaks with Angie Martinelli (Lyndsy Fonseca, Nikita), who is working as a waiter. She speaks about her musical career and suggests Peggy follow suite. When she leaves, Peggy receives a note. When Peggy steps outside, she is attacked, but it turns out to be Howard Stark.

As they drive along, Stark continues to confess his innocence. He suggests Peggy help him clear his name. Before Stark embarks on his boat, he enlists his butler, Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy), to help prove his innocence. The next day, Peggy heads back to work and notices pictures, which have been taken of Stark and a woman on a boat. Peggy learns a fence, Spider Raymond (Andre Royo), has been trying to see one of Stark’s inventions.

Peggy attempts to infiltrate Raymond’s quarters. She meets with him and questions him about the chemical formula. Raymond kisses Peggy, which knocks him out thanks to her poisonous lipstick. She breaks into his vault and discovers something special. Peggy calls Jarvis and learns that the chemical is on the verge or exploding, since it is glowing. Jack Thompson shows up to search the place, while Peggy attempts to make off with the chemical. As she makes her way to the dance hall, Raymond wakes up. Jack and crew find Raymond dead, as Peggy leaves and makes it home, where she finds a sick Colleen. Using Jarvis’ instructions, Peggy is able to disarm the dangerous chemical. However, she finds Colleen dead.

Peggy is attacked, but manages to fight off her attacker. Afterwards, she meets with Jarvis and insists she cannot be linked to Colleen. She admits to mucking up her previous chance, during the war. However, Jarvis attempts to reassure her of her accomplishments. The pair attempt to track down the origins of the chemical. Peggy reminiscences about the crash involving Steve Rogers. Carter’s attacker, Green Suit (James Landry Hebert), isn’t finished yet. He continues plotting to terminate Peggy.

When the show returns, Jarvis awaits outside, while Peggy infiltrates the chemical plant. She discovers two scientists, who are making the dangerous chemical. She discovers each of the men have scars on their throats. The scientist slams the bomb on the ground, which is set to explode in thirty seconds, before escaping with a truck load of them. Meanwhile, Jarvis and Peggy attempt to rendezvous and avoid the explosion. Peggy ends up on top of the vehicle, as they make their escape. The car barely makes it away from the explosion.

Next, Roger speaks with Jack and discusses a blonde, who could have potentially taken the chemical. Jack hands Roger a picture, but they learn about the explosion, before he can look at it. Before the episode ends, Peggy intimidates a rude patron, who was harassing Angie. Jarvis speaks with Stark and admits Carter is an excellent choice and she will likely not have any suspicions at all.


The pilot episode of Agent Carter felt like a success from the very beginning. The era is wonderful and meshes perfectly with the current plot. Each of the characters were able to make their roles fun and realistic. Some will be upset, since the episode didn’t pack much of a Marvel punch, but there were a few fun action scenes, although somewhat silly and unrealistic. Still, this was a strong start for Agent Carter and deserves a 8 out of 10.

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