Agent Carter: The Blitzkrieg Button Review

Peggy Carter

When the show opens, Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy) attempts to purchase smuggled goods from Mr. Mink’s lackeys. The men attempt to swindle more cash out of Edwin, be he unleashes smoke, which gives Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) time to rush in and disable the criminals. The pair return to Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper). As they head for Stark’s place, Peggy notices the detectives are watching the house, which forces them to head to Peggy’s, where she smuggles Howard into her room.

Next, Roger Dooley (Shea Whigham) speaks with another agent about the Stark case. They look at heavily redacted documents, before looking at the magic typewriter. Roger plans on meeting with a Nazi, who is to be executed within days. Next, Stark tells Peggy he is leaving for Rio in three days, before inquiring about his inventions and which ones the SSR has taken. Howard shows off his camera pen, before Peggy heads to work.

Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray), with a little help from Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj), gives a speech about the importance of being an agent. Since he is in charge, while Dooley is away, Jack gives everyone orders. Sousa talks about getting evidence from the pay phone, which was used to provide the lead in the last episode. Next, Peggy visits the lab and takes pictures of the confiscated inventions with her pen camera. Sousa visits the phone, where he interviews two men, who aren’t interested in talking to the police.

Next, the lackeys return to Mr. Mink and give him an update. Mr. Mink kills both, with a hand machine gun, after learning Peggy’s name. Sousa receives harassment, when he takes the homeless man from the wharf to the station. Peggy delivers the photo to Stark, before Sousa interviews the homeless man.  Although Sousa’s interview proves futile, he tells Thompson he feels the man knows something. Stark reveals all of his inventions are in the SSR lab and he needs Peggy to steal one of them back, which turns out to be the Blitzkrieg Button, which is capable of destroying the city’s electrical grid. Peggy and Jarvis head to the station, with Mr. Mink on their tail.

Sousa speaks with the homeless man again, when Thompson enters with a big hamburger and some alcohol. Thompson attempts to bribe the man with the food and it works. They learn about a fancy man and woman, who entered the boat. Next, Dooley arrives at the prison in Germany, where he speaks with Mueller. Dooley offers to help Mueller escape, if he tells him about the battle of Finow. Dooley asks him about General Wilhelm Keitel, who was hung the day before. Dooley offers him Cyanide, which will allow him to escape the gallows. Mueller insists there wasn’t a battle at Finow, but a massacre. He suggests nobody died by German hands at Finow, before he is given the pill. Dooley leaves and requests to use a phone, before giving the guard a breath mint, which he pretended to be the poison.

Sousa begins to feel deflated about his witness, while Thompson comforts him. Peggy overhears the situation, while sneaking into the lab and stealing the Blitzkrieg Button. She begins to question Jarvis’s behavior, before hitting the switch. The invention opens and reveals a vial of liquid. Peggy runs into Thompson, who insists she is trying to hide something. He insists no man will ever consider her an equal, before she leaves. Mr. Mink continues to watch the pair. Peggy returns to Howard and questions him about the vial. He insists it is Steve Rogers blood. Mink attempts to sneak into Peggy’s, by using some flowers, but his plan fails.

Howard and Peggy argue. Howard insists the blood of Captain America could contain the cure to many diseases, but Peggy believes he is only after money. She leaves and demands Stark to be gone, before she returns. Meanwhile, Mink has made his way inside the complex. He runs into Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan), who questions him about the automatic weapon, before pulling off an acrobatic maneuver and killing him.

Jarvis is grilled by Carter. Jarvis gets angry at Stark and tells him he is tired of apologizing for him. Meanwhile, Peggy returns to work and gives everyone food, while Sousa continues his investigation. Dooley returns. Thompson hands Dooley the airfield log after the Finow battle, which shows Howard Stark’s name. Peggy returns to her room and begins hammering a hole in the wall, where she hides Howard’s invention. Back at the station, the magical typewriter begins to type.


The Blitzkrieg Button was a good episode, which helped to build the characters. Peggy and Jarvis are both angry at Stark. Meanwhile, Dottie provided a major shock for the episode. However, the episode failed to push the narrative forward. It felt like a fun sidestep, but ultimately slacked in its goal to push us towards a conclusion. The episode deserves a 7 out of 10.

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