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Acceptable Risk Series 1 Episode 2 Recap

As the second episode gets started, Sarah Manning (Elaine Cassidy) watches as Barry Lehane is rushed to the hospital. Sarah requests to speak with Detective Emer Byrne (Angeline Ball). After the intro, Sarah speaks with the detective. They continue to chat about Lehane, while his wife arrives at the hospital. Things do not look good for the man. Another GPS device is found and Sarah learns that the detectives would like to search the family home. She has no objections. Sarah returns inside and tells her children about the incident outside. Morrice O’Hanlon (Rory Nolan) asks his girlfriend, Deirdre (Catherine Walker) about the incident in Montreal. That quickly turns into an argument. The following day, Nuala (Lisa Hogg) tells Sarah that she needs to be careful about everything she says to the detectives.

sarah acceptable risk episode 2Nuala suggests that Lee might’ve been a conman. Sarah refuses to believe that Lee lied to her. A search determines that the house is clean. No evidence of a gun has been found. In Canada, Detective Dusquene (Geordie Johnson) speaks with a colleague about the case. He explains that the gun was modified to military specifications for use in close combat situations. He admits that the Americans have no jurisdiction in the investigation. Seconds later, Sarah meets with Doctor Hoffman (Morten Suurballe). He explains that his people will deal with the formal identification, so Sarah doesn’t have to travel to Canada. When told about the gun, Hoffman insists he didn’t have it due to his relationship with the company. Sarah is encouraged to explain that she didn’t know about the secrets her husband hid. Seconds later, Cormac Walsh (Eddie Jackson) is chased down by Emer.

cormac walsh acceptable riskCormac is asked about his friends in the US embassy. He denies knowing anything. Hoffman offers to make things financially comfortable for Sarah and her children. She insists she doesn’t need charity. She finds a confidentiality clause in the paperwork. Sarah seems concerned about the words in the agreement. Deirdre requests to speak with Sarah alone. Cormac is taken to the station, but released a short time later. Sarah makes it clear that she will not sit on her hands. She suggests that the gun changes everything. Cormac meets up with his female friend, Anna (Kate Moran). He tells her that Emer knows all about their relationship. Cormac snaps a picture of himself and his female friend, before running away on a nearby trolley. Hoffman visits his friend in the hospital and speaks with his wife. That night, Sarah imagines that Lee rubs her shoulder.

morten suurballe acceptable riskA phone call interrupts. The woman from the Canadian consulate calls again. She offers nothing of interest during the phone call. When she hangs up, she tells the Canadian detective that she wants answers. He admits that he does as well. Hoffman speaks with a man about the files picked up by Lee in Montreal. The man doesn’t seem interested in handing over the file. Meanwhile, Sarah tells Nuala that she has a funeral to arrange. She admits that she helped build a wall at the pharma company. Now, she needs to find a way through it. Nuala suggests that Sarah might be jumping to conclusions. Emer speaks with an old friend about the case. Deirdre tells her colleague that someone might have swept something under the carpet. She is told that she should let it stay there. The man refuses to help. She is told that it would be in her best interest not to give Sarah inside help. Sarah visits Lehane’s wife. She tells her about the night before.

sarah and nuala acceptable riskWhen the woman turns her back, Sarah begins scouring through her paperwork. She is caught and scolded for her behavior. Emer meets with Dusquene. They get to know a little about one another and their past experiences. Cormac sneaks up on Nuala and forces her inside of her home. Cormac tells Nuala to call her sister and get her there as soon as possible. Emer tells the other detectives about Sarah’s previous husband and his death. Sarah arrives and meets with Cormac. Walsh admits he has been inside Sarah’s place. He explains he was looking for a package of sorts. He tells the women about his work with the American. He offers to lead Sarah to the American, who may know about Lee’s death. He wants to be paid though. Nuala and Sarah aren’t sure how to respond to Cormac’s request. Meanwhile Hoffman speaks with Morrice. Morrice insists he wants the facility up and running, so his voters can have good jobs.

sarah and cormac acceptable riskThey speak about Sarah and how she could potentially become a problem. Sarah picks up the kids from school. Anna begins stalking Cormac. In the morning, Nuala and Sarah speak to Emer about Cormac. Sarah tells Emer about Cormac’s threat. Emer explains that Cormac is no longer a threat, since he has been found dead. Sarah promises that she didn’t see the man any more after their first meeting.


Acceptable Risk Review

Acceptable Risk has been really frustrating. The series has so much potential, yet it falls short pretty much everywhere. The acting is definitely good. Despite wanting to like the show, I find it slow and mediocre. There is really no hook that compels me to move on from one episode to the next. The emotional snag just isn’t there. It just feels lifeless and somewhat pointless honestly.

It isn’t terrible, but it isn’t memorable either. This episode scores a 6 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Acceptable Risk now!

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