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Abandoned Series 1 Episode 1 Recap

As the episode begins, we see a man with illuminating eyes on the ground. A man and two others continue onward. We see an Australian newspaper. It says something about an assassination conspiracy. Another headline reads, “6 months after Sydneys first strike”. After a brief intro, Russell (Pete Walters), Hiroshi (Nobuaki Shimamoto) and Madison (Isabella Martin) find a makeshift hideout. They remove their masks and disarm themselves. Hiroshi is concerned about their lack of ammunition. Russell insists they’ll manage. Madison seems isolated from the men.

abandoned episode 1She checks herself out in the mirror. Russell pulls out a map and a picture of himself with a woman. Hiroshi gives Russell a syringe with medicine inside. He tells Russell to not hesitate. It could be his last chance. Madison sits alone and begins rummaging through her bag. Nearby, she finds a Polar Express book. Russell and Hiroshi discuss the plan. Hiroshi admits he doesn’t like it. Then, Hiroshi prepares for bed. Russell and Madison prepare to enjoy a can of beans. Russell eats his, but Madison doesn’t. Madison speaks about the books, but Russell doesn’t know why she collects that rubbish. He insists that stuff should be left in the past.

abandoned russell episode 1Russell begins chatting about Christmas. Then, we experience a time warp. Madison is chased by two men in heavy gear. We jump back and the conversation continues. Russell admits his memories are beginning to blend together. He tells Madison about his memory from when he was 13 years old. He recalls hearing a loud thud. Madison continues running from the bad guys. Then, Russell heard a scheme. He approached it and found his father drunk. His father’s hand was bloody and he was holding a broken bottle. His mother told him it was okay and that he should return to bed. Madison becomes trapped in a gated area. She is approached by the heavily armed men. A short time later, Bishop (Yoji Tatsuta) arrives and stops the sentinels.

abandoned episode 1 recap madisonBishop apologizes and admits the sentinels have a mind of their own sometimes. The man seems to know Madison, but she suggests others. Bishop insists they have the power to give her everything. Hiroshi arrives and discredits Bishop. Madison flees to his side. Bishop exclaims that this will end badly for Hiroshi. After all, he has two sentinels and they will never make him talk. Hiroshi explains that one of them will. Russell takes aim at Bishop from a distance. He takes down Bishop and the fighting ensues. One of the sentinels is quickly brought down. Madison watches from a distance, as Russell and Hiroshi fight the last one.

peter walters actor abandonedThe sentinel eventually gets the upper hand on them. Madison recalls Russell telling her about his childhood memory. He admits he had to decide what type of man he was going to be. He decided to make a stand for what was right. Madison gets behind the sentinel. Her eye turns blue and she seems to control it somehow. It drops to its knees and she touches it on the head. Madison has a flashback of her mother (Lauren Birdsall) and others being taken away by sentinels. She drops to the ground. She says mom and Russell looks at her.

abandoned episode 1 madison

Abandoned Review

Although I am not a fan of science fiction or action films, I found Abandoned to be pretty good. In fact, it was very intriguing and captivating during the second watch through. The episode was fast and furious. I found the story to be surprisingly good. For a web series, I thought the acting was spot on too. Despite not being a big fan of the genre, I enjoyed Abandoned. I am very eager to see what happens from here on out.

I’d give the opener a solid 8 out of 10. I enjoyed it and you most likely will too. It is unique and far different from anything else on television right this moment.

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