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Abandoned Episode 2 Recap

As the second episode begins, we see mother (Lauren Birdsall). She is speaking with Madison (Isabella Martin). She pleads with Madison to stay with her. Seconds later, Madison wakes up. She finds herself in a building with her two comrades. They remain asleep, as Madison gets up and grabs a bow and arrow. She soon begins running through the woods. She fires an arrow right before the intro begins. After the intro, we jump 10 years into the past.

abandoned episode 2 motherA young Madison plays hide and seek with her mother. After being found, her mother teaches her how to walk silently. She also gives her a pocket watch. Young Madison plays tag with her mother. She runs out into the woods and comes across an orange barrier of sorts. It may be radioactive waste. Madison runs her hand through the material. Then, she finds multiple dead bodies on the ground. Her mother catches up with her seconds later. When she does, she notices that Madison’s eye is blue. Then, we see several men burying bodies inside of the orange material.

abandoned episode 2 orangeThe men chat amongst themselves. It is suggested that it might be time for a change in leadership. Bishop (Yoji Tatsuta) speaks with Russell (Pete Walters). Russell admits he knows that everyone wants to leave. After a brief discussion, we return back to the village. Madison runs around with a stuffed animal. Her mother joins her seconds later. Mother and Madison play with toys. Mother watches as Madison loses control and smashes the stuffed animal into the ground. Her eye turns blue. Mother gives Madison advice for protecting those she loves. Russell and Bishop return. Russell pulls Mother aside.

russell abandoned episode 2Russell asks Mother, if she has noticed anything strange about Madison. He wants to know what she has seen. He is worried that the others will not accept Madison. Mother seems convinced that they’ll accept whatever Russell tells them. Madison hears the chaos from outside of the trailer. Bishop offers her comfort. He also notices that her eye is blue. Mother and Russell manage to smooth things over. Then, Russell and Bishop meet with the boss, Ben. Ben isn’t satisfied with what the group has produced. Russell tries to smooth things over with him. He kills one of the members, before the episode ends.


Abandoned Review

Abandoned might be a low-budget production, but it manages to hold my attention from start to finish. I am really surprised we jumped back in time. It was nice to see Mother, Bishop and Russell deal with Madison’s condition. I am really intrigued to see where things go from here. Who is Ben? Why does he have so much control over the others? How will they deal with Madison? I can’t wait to find out these answers. So far, I have been impressed with Abandoned.

I just wish the episodes were a tad bit longer. The second episode scores a solid 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Abandoned right now!

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