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Z Nation Recap Season 2 Episode 4

When this episode begins, two helmeted men lurk through the jungle. They’re attacked by green, elf zombies, before being killed. Next, Odegard (Dileep Rao) speaks to a group of survivors, while toking on his vapor cigarette. He speaks to the group about Batch 47, which is apparently hidden in the nearby greenhouse. Cassandra (Pisay Pao) and Murphy (Keith Allan) listens on, while Odegard insists the concoction can save the world. The leaders keep sending in two harvesters, after the previous two are killed.

Z Nation Odegard

Next, Murphy attempts to strike a deal with the heavyset smoker. The pair learn about the fido zombies, which are part zombie and part plant. Murphy impresses the man, who quickly learns Murphy’s true identity. Odegard admits he truly believes in Batch 47. Just then, the harvester is killed and a new one is sent him. Dr. Kurian is shown spying on Murphy from afar. Citizen Z (DJ Qualls) and his dog listen to the radio transmissions, before a nearby clash disturbs them. Warren (Kellita Smith) and crew catch up with Murphy.

Keith Allan Actor

Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) immediately smells the Z Weed, before they group saves the harvester. Cassandra hangs out with Odegard and enjoys his Z Weed. Doc and the gang take Mariah (Jessica Bork) back to her daughter and patch up her leg. Odegard and Murphy head into the greenhouse. Murphy is overcome with a stabbing pain in his side, before they continue on. Cassandra waits outside, while the guards keep a careful eye on her. Back inside, the pair make it to batch 46.

Kellita Smith Z Nation

Meanwhile, the group checks on Mariah’s daughter, who has a fever. After a supportive comment from Addy (Anastasia Baranova), the group learns that Mariah isn’t the girl’s mom. Addy attempts to make contact with Citizen Z, while 10K (Nat Zang) figures out that Murphy is inside the greenhouse. Back in the greenhouse, Murphy makes it to batch 47. As they take the plant, zombies emerge and attempt to grab them. Citizen Z manages to make contact with Addy.

Z Nation Pisay Pao

Citizen Z receives an update on Murphy and learn that he has gone AWOL. He manages to pass the CDC Lab’s coordinates to Addy, before the radio signal dies out. Odegard and Murphy make it back with the potential cure. They experiment on a few zombie heads, but the first 2 are failures. The last one actually speaks. Murphy makes contact with Warren and Vasquez (Matt Cedeno). He tells them about the potential zombie cure and attempts to convince them to go in and grab the seed pods from Batch 47.

Z Nation DJ Qualls

They agree and Odegard gives them melee weapons, since their guns will prove to be worthless against plants. 10K attempts to kill one of the zombies, but his weapons are useless. Murphy informs them that they cannot kill one of them, without killing all of them. They begin harvesting the seeds, before the zombies wake up. Murphy breaks away from the pack and escapes out of a side door. Murphy runs into Dr. Kurian (Donald Corren) outside. Kurian insists Batch 47 is a dead end.

Z Nation Dr. Kurian

Vasquez watches Murphy from a distance. A group of SUVs arrive with guns blazing. The vehicles stop and Escorpion (Emilio Rivera) jumps out and speaks with Odegard about the Z Weed. The pair argue over Odegard’s decision to seek out batch 47. Addy meets up with the crew, after they escape the greenhouse. Unfortunately, they run right into Escorpion. Warren is forced to hand over batch 47. Dr. Kurian and Murphy go their separate ways. Vasquez contemplates sniping Escorpion from afar, but doesn’t.

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One of Escorpion’s men shoots one of the guards, before Escorpion forces Odegard to inhale a ton of the batch 47. The drug turns Odegard into a zombie, before Escorpion kills him. Dr. Kurian is captured and paraded in front of Escorpion. He is knocked out and stuffed in the trunk. The men prepare to burn the greenhouse, with Murphy still inside. Vasquez catches one of the men off guard. Vasquez learns that the man, Skull Zero (Simone Leorin), is a member of the Zeros and kills him.

Z Nation Matt Cedeno

Murphy heads back inside to the batch 47 zombie and attempts to save him. He helps the zombie break free of its chains and escapes the greenhouse with the help of Warren and Doc. Unfortunately, his zombie friend is no friend, at all. Addy and 10K manage to trap the zombie and suck him into the fan. Doc and Addy return to Mariah. They hand over the batch 47 and leave Mariah behind. Back on the road, Murphy complains about the others killing his zombie friend. The group runs into Serena (Sara Coates) on the road.

Z Nation TV Series Sara Coates

Despite Murphy’s pleas, Warren pulls the vehicle over and Serena introduces Murphy to his baby.


Z Nation Review

Well, the Batch 47 scenario was definitely unique. There is one thing that remains true with Z Nation, the show isn’t afraid to delve into crazy, outlandish story lines. Odegard was an interesting enough character to make the episode worth watching. The plant zombies were original. It seems like the zombies are growing progressively sophisticated with each and every episode. This helps to keep the characters on their toes an the viewer on the edge of their seat.

Of course, the ending delivered a good laugh. For that, a 6.5 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with our other Z Nation episode recaps now!

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