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HTGAWM Recap Series 2 Episode 4

When the episode begins, cops and paramedics swarm the scene and check on Emily Sinclair (Sarah Burns) and Annalise (Viola Davis). Anna is rushed to the hospital, but Emily seems to be dead. In Nate’s (Billy Brown) squad car, it is confirmed that she is indeed dead. Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) receives a call and plays it cool. Afterwards, the show flashes back four weeks.

Levi How To Get Away With Murder

Anna receives a call, which she believes to be from Nate. Unfortunately, it is from Nate’s wife, Nia (Enuka Okuma). Anna visits her in the hospital. The pair turn out to have a constructive conversation, in which Nia insists she needs Anna to love Nate. She asks Annalise to kill her. When Anna returns home, she is bombarded by Bonnie (Liza Weil) and a new client, Zoey Mitchell (Sammi Hanratty). Zoey explains her relationship with Molly (Virginia Gardner) and Rachel. She insists her friends forced her to kill her best friend.

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In the courtroom, Anna insists Megan and Molly are the murders and Zoey is just a scapegoat. Of course, the prosecutor insists the polar opposite occurred. Next, Michaela and Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) scour through pictures of the young girls. Connor (Jack Falahee) interrupts and insists Anna is manipulating them and pitting them against one another. Anna enters and tells the crew that Dr. Healy (Damien Leake) will be testifying in a few hours. Three of the kids are tasked with digging dirt up on him, while Michaela receives a special mission.

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Michaela is tasked with trying to figure out whether or not Catherine (Amy Okua) and Caleb (Kendrick Sampson) are engaged in sexual relations. Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) receives a call from Bonnie and insists he is ill. His father, Bill (John Posey) tells him he will be there to protect him, before Emily emerges and asks them if they’re prepared to make a deal. Levi receives a call from Michaela, who talks dirty to him. Caleb catches her in the moment, before he ridicules her lack of law knowledge.

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Dr. Healy takes the stand, while Anna continues having flashbacks to Nia, who asked her for medications that will kill her. After she comes back to reality, she asks Frank (Charlie Weber) for assistance. Levi attempts to convince Wes (Alfred Enoch) to give him information about Nate, but he refuses. Anna confronts the doctor with some incriminating evidence. Outside of the courtroom, Zoey is ridiculed by her friends, before Connor attempts to comfort her.

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Wes visits Nate and attempts to pressure him into giving up information. Nate tells Wes that Frank made three calls on the night Rebecca disappeared. After a little prodding, Wes learns that Frank was calling someone named Sabrina. He returns the information to Levi. Wes tells Levi to find out who Sabrina is and do nothing else. Michaela interrogates Caleb, who admits they’re having intercourse and love one another. They argue back and forth a little, before Catherine interrupts.


Meanwhile, Asher’s father tells Emily that Asher cannot be her informant, until he receives full immunity. Frank agrees to help Bonnie, if she will tell her what Laurel said about him. When the kids get back together, Wes learns that Levi is still dating Michaela, despite their agreement. Wes departs, before Anna enters and questions Michaela. Wes speaks to Levi, who promises to find out who killed his sister no matter what. Laurel visits Frank and reveals she stole Zoey’s phone.

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She uncovers a video on the phone and finds out that Zoey was completely in on the murder. Anna takes the information to Zoey’s parents, but they refuse to believe it. Her mother demands Anna to destroy the evidence. Anna agrees and tells her team to get rid of it. Connor argues with Laurel and refers to Annalise as a psychopath, as well. Frank gives Annalise the death drugs. Next, Michaela interviews Catherine. Catherine accuses Michaela of having a crush on Caleb. The pair speak about Catherine and Caleb’s relationship. Catherine agrees to tell the truth.

Actress Amy Okuda

Next, Molly takes the stand and insists she felt bullied by Zoey. Afterwards, the prosecutor introduces a video into evidence. Anna attempts to fight it from being introduced, but fails. Zoey’s mother ridicules Anna and tells her to fix things immediately. Nate surprises Anna and learns about her visit to Nia. Afterwards, Anna goes home and watches the video repeated, before she gets to cross examine Molly. The pair spar over the wordage used in the video and Annalise insists Molly is leading Zoey.


Zoey has a terrible outburst in court and is led away in cuffs. Annalise confronts Connor and learns that he gave up the video. They argue at home and Anna reminds Connor that her husband’s blood is in his car. Michaela enters and tells Anna that Catherine is a virgin. Catherine agrees to put a doctor on the stand to testify to her virginity. Michaela tells Annalise she believes the siblings didn’t do it. Levi tells Wes that Frank called Sabrina’s brother Bruno, who helped him dump Rebecca’s body.

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They head to Bruno’s work place, which is a graveyard. Annalise returns to the hospital and tells Nia that she doesn’t deserve to die. Nia calls her a killer and accuses her of killing Sam. Annalise apologizes, before leaving. Emily tells Asher she’ll call the judge and get the deal signed in the morning. Bonnie confronts him, after he is alone. Asher admits he believes Annalise killed Sam, but Bonnie takes the blame. Wes tells Nate that he knows where Rebecca’s body is. Anna catches the pair chatting.


Back in the present, Nate promises the group everything will be okay, despite Anna surviving. Michaela promises to do something, as she exits the car. She meets with Caleb, who asks how someone is.


How to Get Away with Murder Review

All in all, the episode was decent, but the individual episodic cases are beginning to grow stale. Zoey wasn’t an interesting character and her trial was ludicrous and too unrealistic. With the viewer numbers dropping, it is easy to see why. This season seems to lack the flare of the previous, but the entire episode wasn’t a failure.

The underlying story of Annalise’s assassination attempt is great. The storyline with the Hapstall siblings is also getting progressively better, so there is still hope. Unfortunately, only 10 minutes of a 43 minute episode are worth hanging around for. A 7 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with the previous How to Get Away with Murder episodes now!

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