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BBC Doctor Foster Recap Episode 2

The second episode of Doctor Foster starts off exactly where the previous left us. Gemma (Suranne Jones) is left reeling from the recent¬†discoveries and escapes from the party, by pretending to be ill. When she returns home, she puts Tom (Tom Taylor) to bed and immediately begins rummaging through Simon’s (Bertie Carvel) belongings. She packs everything up and puts it downstairs in front of the door, so Simon can find it, when he arrives home. Ros (Thusitha Jayasundera) arrives and is confronted by an agitated Dr. Foster.

Suranne Jones Doctor Foster

The pair argue a little and Ros insists Simon has only been with Kate (Jodie Comer) for three months. Ros attempts to pretend that the affair isn’t anything serious, but this only angers Gemma even more. She eventually leaves and Gemma takes to the Internet to search for Kate. She looks at Kate’s online profile, as well as pictures of her family. Simon finally returns home. Much to Kate’s surprise, he is completely wasted and too boozed up to notice all of his belongings sitting downstairs. He rushes upstairs and falls to sleep. Gemma says nothing,

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When Simon awakes in the morning, all of his belongings have been returned to the closet. At work, Gemma tells Ros she didn’t say anything, due to Tom’s upcoming trip. She also encounters a new patient, Anwar (Navin Chowdhry). When Gemma discovers that Kate is at the facility, she quickly blows Anwar off and rushes Kate into her office. Gemma tasks blood and urine samples from Kate, before determining that she is pregnant. The situation gets awkward and Kate rushes off to speak with Ros. Meanwhile, Gemma rushes outside and speaks to Anwar.

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She learns about Anwar’s problem and his concern that he may be suffering from a brain tumor. She inspects him in the parking lot, before returning inside to Ros. Ros explains that Kate wanted to get rid of the child. Ros convinces her not to tell Simon about the situation. That night, Gemma shares dinner with her family. After everyone falls asleep, she meets up with Carly (Clare-Hope Ashitey). The pair talk about Gemma and Simon’s relationship, but Gemma spots Anwar at the bar. She approaches and speaks to him for awhile.

Anwar Doctor Foster

Both speak about their problems and Anwar tells about his past experience with a tumor. She attempts to coax him into telling his wife, but he insists he cannot. When he gets up and go to the bathroom, Gemma finds his phone, calls his wife and lets her know about it. After she exits the restaurant, Gemma encounters Jack Reynolds (Robert Pugh). Jack is in a bad state, so Gemma helps him home. At his place, Jack learns about Simon’s infidelity and tells Gemma about Simon’s history of sleeping around.

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When Jack turns his back, Gemma rummages through his belongings and discovers several bottles of sleeping pills. In the morning, Ros contacts Gemma and tells her that Kate has found a doctor, who will perform the abortion later in the day. Gemma finally confronts Simon and asks him straight up, if he is having an affair. Simon denies everything and Gemma refuses to confront him with the evidence. Afterwards, Gemma enlists Carly’s help and manages to send Jack on an out of town vacation to clear his head.

Clare Hope Ashitey Actress

Next, Gemma and the family pay a visit to Helen (Cheryl Campbell). While Simon and Tom play soccer, Gemma tells Helen about Simon’s affair. Helen confirms she knew all along. She also insists Gemma must tell Simon about the abortion. Back inside of Helen’s room, Gemma contacts Ros and forces her to call Simon and tell him about the pregnancy. Moments later, Simon receives a phone call, learns the details and finds an excuse to leave the hospital. After Simon departs, Helen and Gemma speak alone.

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Gemma is surprised to learn that Simon and Kate have been seeing one another for two years. Back at home, Simon returns and says nothing. The next day at work, Ros and Gemma chat. Ros promises she didn’t know the pair were together for so long. She admits she wasn’t surprised to find out Simon was cheating. Anwar enters and belittles Gemma for her behavior. Eventually, he thanks her and reveals that his wife has agreed to come with him to the scan. He agrees not to file a formal complaint and reveals he will soon be a father to a baby girl. Gemma questions him about his divorce work and tells him she wants to book an appointment.


Doctor Foster Review

The second episode of BBC’s Doctor Foster was just as enthralling as the previous. Although the mystery continues to unravel, it still feels like something bigger and more sinister is going on behind the scenes. Will Gemma be able to maintain her cool or will she snap and act out? Doctor Foster is refreshingly realistic. Overall, another excellent episode, which deserves an 8.5 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with our previous Doctor Foster recaps now!

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