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800 Words Series 2 Episode 9 Recap

As the episode begins, we jump forward in time. We see George (Erik Thomson) fighting with Robbie. Then, we jump back in time. George gets a call from Fiona (Michelle Langstone). They chat about the night before and attempt to figure out what the night meant. Then, Shay (Melina Vidler) and Arlo (Benson Jack Anthony) argue about their own relationships. Arlo doesn’t say anything about Lindsay (Manon Blackman) returning to Weld. Then, George finds out that everyone knows about him and Fiona. At the office, Constable Tom (John Leigh) and Gloria (Jackie van Beek) show George the front of the paper. It features a picture of George and Fiona. During this time, Robbie (Millen Baird) harasses Monty (Jonny Brugh) and Siouxsie (Olivia Tennet) at work.

800 words series 2 episode 9Siouxsie decides to quit and move with her mother. She rushes out of the office, after call Monty a moron. Then, George gets into an argument with Robbie at the boat club. Robbie makes it clear that he still married to Fiona. George visits Fiona and learns that she wants him to fill out a questionnaire. He admits that he needs to think about their relationship as well. The questionnaire is put on hold for the time being. Arlo chats with Emma (Jamaica Vaughan) on the phone. Monty meets with his family at the boat club. He learns from Bill (Paul Glover) that Siouxsie has already returned. Fiona confronts Robbie and tells him off. Meanwhile, Woody (Rick Donald) gets himself into trouble with Tracey (Emma Leonard). Arlo overhears Fiona and learns about her possible relationship with George.

arlo 800 words series 2George gets in touch with Katie (Anna Jullienne). He tries to smooth things over with her. Katie insists that everything is fine. Fiona returns home to find flowers at her door. She immediately believes that they’re from George. Katie speaks with Shay. She promises that she doesn’t care. She also lets Shay go from her job. At home, Shay and Arlo tries to get more information from George. Shay explains that he is overthinking things as usual. Fiona calls and asks George about the flowers. She throws them out after learning that they’re from Robbie. She gets in touch with Robbie and tells him that she wants to sell the house and get divorced. He agrees to start with the house first. George chats with Jan (Bridie Carter) and pleads for advice. She admits that she doesn’t want to do this.

big mac and robbie 800 wordsIn the morning, George speaks with Woody and learns about his argument with Tracey. Woody promises that everything will be fine. Fiona arrives at the real estate office. She quickly learns that Monty is about fed up with his brother. George learns about Katie getting rid of Shay from her job. He visits and accuses her of firing Shay, because of his relationship with Fiona. He learns that the business slows down when the summer people leave. Then, Katie gives George advice. Then, he watches as Robbie drives Fiona to their house. He doesn’t see Monty and immediately becomes jealous. Then, Fiona and the others tour the property and snap pictures of it. Shay and Arlo run into Tracey and Woody. Woody tells the kids to tell George that his relationship has been fixed.

shay and arlo 800 wordsGeorge gets a visit from Big Mac (Peter Elliott), who tries to talk him out of having a relationship with Fiona. Meanwhile, Monty and Robbie get into a fight in the middle of town. Eventually, George shows up. He watches as Robbie hits Fiona by mistake. George tries to punch Robbie, but misses. Fiona throws a punch and lands. Tom arrives and breaks things up. Luckily, nobody goes to jail. George and Fiona agree to meet and chat later. George heads back to the office and gives Monty a pep talk. He encourages him to stand up for himself against Robbie. Later, George admits to his kids that Fiona is not his girlfriend yet. Monty meets with his daughter and forces her to come home. He also puts Robbie in his place and takes back control of the real estate company.

monty 800 wordsGeorge meets with Fiona. He grabs the questionnaire and tosses it to the side. Then, he gives Fiona a big kiss. The couple takes a stroll on the beach together. The episode ends with George wondering whether he’ll live happily ever after.


800 Words Recap

Although I am not fond of George being in a relationship, this episode was really good. Monty turned out to be the real hero. The character is generally humorous overall and it was fun to watch him stand up to his brother. It still appears that Jan’s big surprise might ruin George’s new relationship before too long. Who knows? Only time will tell. The episode scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of 800 Words now!

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