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800 Words Series 2 Episode 7 And 8 Recap

As the episode gets underway, George (Erik Thomson) gets in touch with Jan (Bridie Carter). They chat about George’s upcoming trip to his in-law’s place. Then, he gets in touch with Trish (Elizabeth Hawthorne) and Roger (Peter Hayden). George learns that Shay has been up to no good. We learn that Shay (Melina Vidler) stole her mother’s ashes before fleeing to Weld. Trish and Roger decide to visit Weld to discuss the matter. George goes on the hunt for a place for his in-laws to stay. Then, George speaks with Shay and Arlo (Benson Jack Anthony) about their visit. Arlo suggests keeping the couple drunk during the entire visit. George chats with Fiona (Michelle Langstone) and learns about her ex, Robbie (Millen Baird), going to prison. He also manages to get lodging from Big Mac (Peter Elliott).

erik thomson 800 wordsMeanwhile, Shay tells Ike (Alex Tarrant) and Katie (Anna Jullienne) about her action. She admits she didn’t like the idea of her mother being held at a crypt. Shay contacts George moments later. He meets with the group. Zac (Rob Kipa-Williams) shows the couple a box used to hold the ashes. They learn that it has something to do with traditions and is known as the hura kohatu. The family decides to use the box for the time being. The following day, the grandparents arrive in Weld. They’re not impressed with George’s residence. The argument starts almost immediately. George tells the couple that Big Mac has decided to throw them a party that night. After dropping the couple off at Big Mac’s place, George tells the kids that they’re going to go to the party and have a great time even if they hate it. Monty (Jonny Brugh) delivers Roger and Trish to the party later.

katie 800 wordsDuring the party, Big Mac chats with the couple about their crypt. Roger tries to change Shay’s mind, but is unable to do so. Finally, Big Mac gives a speech and reveals that his son is coming home from prison. Fiona is not happy to hear that Robbie is returning to Weld. Later that night, Arlo hangs out with Emma (Jamaica Vaughan). They discuss their problems together. In the morning, George goes surfing with Woody (Rick Donald). Back at home, the group gets into another argument. Arlo tries to tell them that Laura is in their heart and the ashes are really nothing. Nobody wants to listen. Then, George comes up with a plan. George takes the couple to the hidden waterfall. After a brief conversation, they all agree to dump the ashes there. Then, Woody and Tracey (Emma Leonard) emerge and introduce themselves to Roger and Trish.

800 words series 2 episode 7Later, Robbie enters the boat club. He tries to flirt with Fiona, but she isn’t having it. Robbie introduces himself to George. The following day, George gets a visit from Robbie and Monty. They invite him to play cricket with them. He agrees. Shay tries to convince George that he is making a terrible mistake. Arlo gets in touch with Jan and asks her about moving his relationship forward with Emma. She does her best to give him advice. Ike tells Shay that he is thinking about giving up his scholarship to mess around for a year. She tries to talk him out of it. He insists that the scholarship will still be there. He also tells Shay that he loves her. Arlo heads to the store and tries to buy condoms. Hannah (Cian Elyse White) and Siouxsie (Olivia Tennet) have a good time with it, until Arlo insists he is buying them for his father.

shay 800 wordsGeorge visits Robbie. He finds Fiona leaving as he enters. George learns that Monty is practicing for cricket. George gets in touch with Monty and tries to pull out of the game. Monty refuses to let that happen. Later, George learns that Arlo might be hiding something. He tells George about the condoms. He admits that people now believe the purchase was for George. Arlo is confident that he wants to have intercourse with Emma. He explains that she feels the same. George is stunned to hear that Arlo already had the sex conversation with Jan. Then, George learns about Ike’s decision to spend a year hanging out with Shay. George heads to the boat club and gets harassed about the condoms. Fiona tells George that they know the condoms aren’t for him. Robbie enters and whisks Fiona away. George seems a little jealous. George asks Gloria (Jackie van Beek) to tell him everything about Robbie.

big mac 800 wordsIn the morning, George tells Arlo that he and Fiona are find with Arlo and Emma moving forward. Arlo flees from the conversation. Then, George chats with Woody about Robbie. George learns that Robbie was selling drugs at a music festival. George joins the others for cricket practice. Robbie and Fiona share a kiss in private. Later, Fiona tells George that she cannot handle drama. She just wants fun or nothing at all. Later, Shay chats with Arlo about his relationship with Emma. George prepares for the cricket match. During the game, Emma visits Arlo at home. They have a little bit of fun, while the cricket game continues. George’s team isn’t very good. George throws the ball and hits the batter in the balls. Then, he taunts him. Then, George’s team starts a comeback. Tracey arrives and reveals that she will be the new principal at the school.

fiona and george 800 wordsGeorge finally gets to bat. He does surprisingly well. Then, Fiona goes and misses. George gives her a pep talk. George’s team does better than expected. The group celebrates afterwards. Shay breaks up with Ike and tells him that he needs to dream bigger. He explains that he does dream big and again tells her that he loves her. Robbie tells Fiona that he misses her. He kisses her on the cheek and George notices. Emma leaves in the morning. Lindsay returns at the same time. George tells Jan about the game and kissing Fiona. At the end of the episode, it appears that Jan might be pregnant.


800 Words Review

The 7th episode of 800 Words was really cheesy and unrealistic. The whole ashes scenario wasn’t very good. It had a few humorous moments, but the episode was pretty dull otherwise. However, the 8th episode was much better. The cricket game was definitely entertaining. It appears that George is going to get caught in a love triangle. As I said before, I would be really surprised if George is ever thrown into a serious relationship. Is Jan pregnant? Only time will tell. The episodes were okay, but the 7th could’ve been much better.

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