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800 Words Series 2 Episode 6 Recap

As the episode begins, George (Erik Thomson), Woody (Rick Donald) and Hannah (Cian Elyse White) stand near the beach. Hannah warns the men about the summer people. She explains that they’re going to take over the waves soon enough. Woody and George ignore the warning. They hit the waves and Woody is soon run over by a jet ski. Fiona (Michelle Langstone) and the others arrive to help rush Woody to the hospital. Back at home, Arlo (Benson Jack Anthony) tells George to write about his rage against jet skis. When George makes it to the office, he tells Gloria (Jackie van Beek) that he would like to get jet skis banned from the beach. Gloria tells George that he has a Twitter account. He makes a post about banning jet skis and sets off a storm.

800 words george and woodyBill Jr. (Paul Glover) tells Big Mac (Peter Elliott) that he has fired back at George on Twitter. George tries to rush to the hospital to check on Woody. When he does, he nearly runs into Tracey (Emma Leonard). He breaks the news to her and they decide to travel to the hospital together. Meanwhile, Arlo decides to visit the boat club and ask for a job. Hannah gives him a job right away. Ike (Alex Tarrant) is shown driving around a buggy with a girl. Shay (Melina Vidler) notices and becomes jealous. At the hospital, Smiler (David Fane) sings and gets on the nerves of the nurse. Becks (Esther Stephens) remains inside the room with Woody. George joins her seconds later. At the boat club, Fiona learns about Hannah hiring Arlo. They also learn that Woody is in a coma for precautionary reasons.

800 words arloMonty (Jonny Brugh) and Billy Jr. enter moments later. Also, the man responsible for Woody’s injuries enter with his friends. Hannah doesn’t want to serve them, but Fiona does anyway. Tracey is finally allowed to see Woody. She sits alongside Becks. George chats with Smiler about the Twitter war he has created. Ike, Big Mac and the others gather at the boat club. They share drinks and tell old stories about Woody. George calls his kids and tells them about Woody’s condition. Becks leaves the hospital to find coffee. She tells George that she is not good with hospitals. George returns to Tracey. She tells him that she and Woody made their choices and must live with them. Then, he speaks with Smiler. Smiler tells George that he needs to be Woody’s voice and attempt to guide the couple. Arlo chats with Emma (Jamaica Vaughan). He learns that her mother got with a man, who has several children. She has been visiting Weld for two years now.

shay 800 words series 2She admits that last year was awkward, because a guy got a crush on her. She explains that it would help if she had a crush on the guy too. Shay learns that Ike is running an Uber like company. She immediately feels silly about being jealous. She also learns that Ike is going away after summer. The locals continue chatting about Woody at the boat club. The guy responsible interrupts and asks if there is any news about Woody. Ryan (Taylor Hall) explains that it was his first time driving a jet ski. He seems remorseful for the accident. Zac and the others inside Ryan and his friends to join them. George returns to Tracey. He gets her to admit that Woody is special and that she misses him. Shay calls Ike and schedules a drive in his buggy. They meet moments later and chat about Ike leaving. Shay gives him directions as Ike drives her away from the art shop. At the boat club, Hannah seems to take a liking to Ryan.

ike 800 wordsArlo finds out that he still has a job. He also invites Emma to his place to watch television. Becks prepares to leave, but George stops her. He tells her that it would be weird, if she didn’t at least say goodbye. Woody finally wakes up with everyone there to greet him. Shay and Ike return to Ike’s trailer. She agrees that she wants to do it. Fiona and the others get the good news about Woody. He is going to be just fine. Becks tells Woody goodbye and tells Tracey that she is all hers. Tracey speaks with Woody in private. It seems that they’re willing to give it a chance. When George returns home, he finds Emma and Arlo asleep. Then, he watches as Ike drives Shay home. In the morning, we learn that Hannah slept with Ryan. We also see that Woody and Tracey are going to give it a go. Then, Woody meets with George at the beach.

erik thomson 800 wordsWoody leads the family to a hidden getaway on Big Mac’s land. He tells George that he is finally one of the locals.


800 Words Review

This episode of 800 Words was good, but slightly obnoxious. I must admit that I care very little about Shay, Ike and any of Shay’s love interests. It was clear from the beginning that she was going to wiggle her way back into Ike’s life at some point or another. The journey there was painful. I’ve been silent about it so far, but I also find the wardrobes very unrealistic. Why must the female characters dress so provocatively? It seems the younger characters are given less clothing that their adult counterparts. The Hannah character is also very annoying.

Thankfully, some of the characters are relatable and entertaining. The series is nowhere near perfect, but it has proven to be a good time killer for the time being. This episode scores a 6 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of 800 Words now!

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