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800 Words Series 2 Episode 4 Recap

As the 4th episode gets underway, Arlo (Benson Jack Anthony) and George (Erik Thomson) are awoken in the middle of the night by loud music. They immediately believe that the summer vacationers have arrived in Weld. George heads outside and towards the music. Daniel (James Dyke) sneaks into Shay’s room and gives her a kiss. Shay (Melina Vidler) stops him and send him away, while suggesting George would kill them if he found out. George arrives at the house and Constable Tom (John Leigh) joins him. Finally, Becks (Esther Stephens) comes to the door. She immediately believes that George called the law on her. Despite the brief argument, Becks agrees to turn down the music. In the morning, George tries to convince the kids to get outside in the sun. Lindsay (Manon Blackman) and the others admit they do not want to mingle with the summer people.

daniel 800 wordsGeorge heads out alone. He meets with Woody (Rick Donald) outside and they agree to visit Becks again. Along the way, Woody tells George that he doesn’t believe he can get over Tracey (Emma Leonard). Only another true love would do the trick. Woody is immediately enamored by Becks. Woody and George are invited inside. George realizes that Becks’ house is the one he intended to purchase a long time ago. Before too long, Monty (Jonny Brugh) arrives. It is revealed that Becks is in the process of trying to sell the home. George immediately sees a big opportunity. George tells Katie (Anna Jullienne) about the house later. Then, Katie and Shay leave for work. In the vehicle, Katie offers to let Shay have the day off. It is clear that Shay doesn’t want to spend time with Daniel. Later, George forces Arlo to show Daniel the attractions around Weld.

esther stephens 800 wordsGeorge runs into Becks in town. She speaks with him about selling the property without Monty. She believes the arrangement could be more beneficial to both that way. Hannah (Cian Elyse White) and Fiona (Michelle Langstone) wonder what the couple is up to. Tracey, Hannah and Fiona speak with George about the house later. They try to change his mind. Daniel shows up at the art shop. He makes a few offhand comments about Katie’s art, before leaving abruptly. Kate encourages Shay to be honest with Daniel. George takes the women to the house. They all agree that the house is amazing. Monty arrives and gives Becks a gift. Fiona speaks with George outside. She tells him that he cannot escape his problems by buying a house. George chats with Woody. Then, Woody decides to perform an inspection on the house. Of course, he uses that excuse to spend time with Becks.

erik thomson 800 words s02e04Shay takes Daniel to the beach. She shows him off in front of Ike (Alex Tarrant). George tries to convince Monty to tell him how much the house would be worth. Monty refuses. When George returns home, he finds Daniel cooking for the family. Woody and Katie join them moments later. Woody shows George the inspection report. It says “mint”. In a flashback, we see that Woody shared a few gins with Becks and did little else. Arlo isn’t impressed with Daniel’s cooking. Later, George asks Katie her opinion about the property. She encourages him to speak with his children about it. Katie is forced to leave when he son gets ill. In the morning, George takes Arlo and Shay to the house. Arlo returns home, because he is sick. Shay looks around, but she doesn’t seem eager to make the purchase. Also, Shay admits she enjoyed Daniel’s attention in Sydney, but not too much now.

fiona 800 words s02e04Fiona arrives at George’s place. She gives him a report and he believes that there is no reason he shouldn’t make an offer on the property. Arlo meets with Shay at the beach. Shay tells him that Lindsay will never get with him. She also admits that she is just using Daniel. George chats with Becks once again. Woody arrives moments later. When Arlo and Shay return home, they discover that Lindsay and Daniel are leaving together. They agree to keep it a secret and pretend they forced them out of their home. That night, the family gets together and tries to decide what to do about the property. Out of nowhere, Becks arrives and reveals that she isn’t going to sell. George admits he is happy that he wasn’t forced to tell her no. Late that night, George hears the music again. He sneaks over to Becks’ house and finds her hugging Woody.

At the end of the episode, Arlo is introduced to Fiona’s niece Emma (Jamaica Vaughan) at the club. George also asks Katie to go out with him. She accepts the offer.


800 Words Review

The 4th episode of the second series of 800 Words was pretty good. I had forgotten about George getting ripped off on his house actually. It was nice that they brought that back up and once again gave him the opportunity to purchase the home. In the end, the family determined that they were happy where they were. It also seems that they’ve gotten rid of Lindsay and Daniel. Despite being a little too predictable, the episode was still humorous and entertaining. I enjoyed it mostly.

It scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of 800 Words now.

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