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800 Words Series 2 Episode 2 Recap

As the episode begins, George Turner (Erik Thomson) works on his final column. Soon, he is interrupted by Arlo (Benson Jack Anthony). He is reminded of the upcoming party for Jan (Bridie Carter). George is sent out to the store for additional supplies. At the store, George runs into a gas station attendant. The guy tells him that everyone is going to be at the party, so George returns for even more supplies. When he returns home, the parking lot is filled with cars. George says a few words. Then, he is pulled aside by Tracey (Emma Leonard). Tracey explains that she is thinking about applying for the principal position at school. Woody (Rick Donald) watches their conversation from a distance. Later, Woody tells George that a man should not mow another man’s lawn.

woody 800 words s02e03Ike (Alex Tarrant) and Arlo chat about their current relationships. Big Mac (Peter Elliott) speaks with Jan about the job offer. She admits she hopes that he job is still available back home. During the party, George dances with Tracey. Once again, Woody watches intently. In the morning, Jan departs after saying goodbye to the family. Woody pays George a visit. He seems angry. Before leaving, he gives George an invoice for his services. George finds that the invoice is for 40k. George immediately goes on the hunt for Woody, since he believes there is a problem with the invoice. He heads to The Boat Club and gets dirty stares from Billy Jr. (Paul Glover). Then, he visits Katie (Anna Jullienne). She gives him a lead. George heads to Tracey’s place and finds a note. He finds Tracey on the beach.

george and woody 800 wordsEventually, Woody arrives and gets into an argument with George. They are unable to come to terms with the invoice. Afterwards, George goes on the hunt for a new handyman. Back at home, Shay (Melina Vidler) becomes enraged with Lindsay (Manon Blackman). Shay tells Arlo that she wants her gone as quickly as possible. Then, the family learns that they’re running out of money. Shay reveals she has already gotten a job. Shay and Arlo encourage George to find one. The handyman arrives and checks out the hole in the ceiling. George leaves during the inspection. He goes to the beach and runs into Woody and Hannah (Cian Elyse White). Hannah says something in another language that George cannot understand. George heads to the club and speaks with Fiona (Michelle Langstone). She offers him a job as the bartender.

george and tracey 800 wordsGeorge returns home with milk and other supplies. He learns from Lindsay that the handyman can fix the ceiling for 10k. He is not happy with the price. Big Mac arrives and offers George a job. He offers to let George run the News of the Weld. He is introduced to Gloria (Jackie Van Beek), who also works there. She isn’t the friendliest woman in the world. George doesn’t accept the offer right away. Next, George gets a ride from Zac (Rob Kipa-Williams) and Ike. They translate Hannah’s words for him. Now, he realizes that Woody is upset about a woman. He is dropped off at Tracey’s house. George explains that Woody must have feelings for her. They agree that they’re just friends. Both agree to speak with Woody. George finds Woody at Smiler’s place. George manages to smooth things over with Woody.

emma leonard 800 wordsThen, Woody explains that he and Smiler were thinking about getting into the solar panel business. George agrees to give Woody the 40k to get the business going. Then, George heads to The Boat Club and serves up drinks. Tracey arrives and speaks with Woody. She tells him that she doesn’t want a boyfriend right now, since she is trying to become the principal. However, she could use a good friend. George accepts Big Mac’s offer and becomes the editor of the local newspaper. George gets a call from Jan. She got her job back and has agreed to keep George’s column. As the episode ends, Tracey applies for the Principal position.


800 Words Review

Again, 800 Words is slightly cliché and a little cheesy. Nevertheless, the episode was still entertaining. It was lighthearted and definitely fun while it lasted. It has plenty of flaws, but the show is a good time killer. This episode pitted George against Woody. George was forced to go on a scavenger hunt of sorts to discover the source of Woody’s anger. He eventually did and nearly played cupid for Tracey and Woody. Unfortunately for Woody, Tracey is more interested in her career at the moment.

The episode was entertaining. It scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of 800 Words now!

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