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800 Words Series 2 Episode 12 Recap

As the episode begins, we see George (Erik Thomson) working on his next column. He types that what you don’t know cannot hurt you. Then, we jump to two days earlier. George and Fiona (Michelle Langstone) have taken a trip outside of Weld. The couple chat about the freedom of being away from it all. At that moment, Arlo (Benson Jack Anthony) calls. He asks George about a specific ingredient. Fiona promises that he’ll be able to find it at the boat club. When the call ends, we see that Emma (Jamaica Vaughan) plans to spend the day with Arlo. He manages to convince Ike (Alex Tarrant) and Shay (Melina Vidler) to find another place to hang out. After the intro, Arlo heads to the boat club. He is stopped by Tracey (Emma Leonard) and Woody (Rick Donald). They harass him about George’s trip.

fiona 800 words s02e12Then, Arlo speaks with Hannah (Cian Elyse White). Lindsay (Manon Blackman) overhears Arlo chatting about his plans. She seems to be scheming behind his back. George and Fiona enjoy ice cream. They receive another call from Arlo. This time, he is dealing with a strange bug in the house. Emma screams and gives away their secret. Fiona takes the phone. She gives Emma advice and tells her to behave herself. That night, Arlo and Emma enjoy their dinner. They begin to get romantic when Lindsay arrives with a whole party. Arlo gets in touch with Shay and asks her to come home to break it up. She refuses. Zac (Rob Kipa-Williams) gets Ike and Shay advice for dealing with Sean (Jesse Griffin). Arlo chats with Ollie (Henry Beasley), while Lindsay gets Emma drunk.

emma 800 words series 2 episode 12Arlo takes Emma aside. She tries to seduce him in his father’s bed. He stops her and admit he doesn’t want to do it like this. Arlo gets a FaceTime from Jan (Bridie Carter). He notices that she is behaving awkwardly. When she hangs up, he spots her belly. He notices that she looks pregnant. He gets in touch with Shay and orders her home right away. George and Fiona get cozy in bed. Shay arrives and learns about Jan potentially being pregnant. During this time, Ollie starts a fire outside. Monty (Jonny Brugh) and the others arrive to put it out. George and Fiona are notified. Fiona takes Emma home, while George learns about Jan. He orders the kids to clean up their mess, so he can deal with his. He calls the office and gets in touch with Taylor-Rose (Rachel Nicholls). She confirms that Jan is pregnant.

lindsay 800 wordsHe breaks the news to the kids, but admits he doesn’t know whether or not the baby is his. Arlo heads to work with hopes of keeping the secret a secret. Fiona scolds Arlo at work. He says nothing about Jan. Ike and Shay speak with Sean. They learn that he misplaced their application. He tries to force them to redo it and put it somewhere he will see it. Woody visits George. Fiona arrives too. George uses Woody as a distraction, while ignoring phone calls from Jan. Lindsay tries to apologize to Arlo at work. He doesn’t accept it. Shay and Ike begin putting a plan into action. George finally gets in touch with Jan. He learns that she is having twins. The father could be three people, Steve, George and Zac. Jan admits to sleeping with Ike on Guy Fawkes Night. Jan insists she wants to care for the kids on her own, but George doesn’t want that.

jan 800 words series 2 episode 12Then, George meets with Woody on the beach. He tells him about Jan. Woody promises to keep the secret. Sean learns that Shay and Ike have created a mural of the application. Tom (John Leigh) doesn’t see anything wrong with it. During this time, Brenda (Renee Lyons) and the others learn about Zac and Jan. Katie (Anna Jullienne) learns about it seconds later. Katie and Hannah scold Zac for sleeping with Jan. At the boat club, Hannah speaks with Arlo about Jan. The rumor begins to spread very quickly. Shay and Arlo are forced to tell George that everyone already knows. Robbie (Millen Baird) finds out pretty soon too. Fiona meets with George. The episode ends with George writing on his column.


800 Words Review

This episode of 800 Words was okay, but very predictable. We all knew it was only a matter of time, before Jan spilled the beans. It seems that they threw in Zac to make it a little bit of a surprise. The episode wasn’t bad, but it was slightly annoying in the beginning. Overall, I’d give the episode a 6.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of 800 Words now!

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