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800 Words Series 2 Episode 10 Recap

As the episode begins, we see George (Erik Thomson) talking, while Siouxsie (Olivia Tennet) types. George tells her about buying furniture for the first time with Fiona (Michelle Langstone). Then, we jump backward to the previous Monday. George and Fiona return to George’s place. There, they find Woody (Rick Donald) at the table. Woody reveals that Tracey (Emma Leonard) has been forcing him to work hard and remain on top of his responsibilities. He has put in a dishwasher at George’s place. George comes up with an idea to host a dinner party. Tracey and Woody are officially invited. At the office, George and Gloria (Jackie van Beek) pick out a story for the front page. One thing leads to another and Gloria convinces George to invite her and Tom (John Leigh) to the party.

gloria and george 800 wordsGeorge tells Fiona right away. She admits she is fine with it. Back in the present, we see that the dinner party has been a disaster. Nurse Crabbe (Lynette Forday) cares for George’s hands, which have been severely burned. Fiona has also been injured. Back in the past, Fiona runs into Ollie (Henry Beasley) and Katie (Anna Jullienne). After she explains her relationship to Ollie, she invites Katie to the party. George becomes concerned when he learns the news. He insists there needs to be an even number of people at the party. He immediately invites Zac (Rob Kipa-Williams), who is helping with food for the party. At the boat club, Shay (Melina Vidler) and Arlo (Benson Jack Anthony) are invited to the party. They both turn down the offer. Monty (Jonny Brugh) arrives and tells a sob story.

800 words dinner partyAfter a little back and forth, Monty is invited. To even things out, Hannah (Cian Elyse White) also agrees to come. George heads to the office and runs into Big Mac (Peter Elliott). They chat about Robbie (Millen Baird) momentarily. Then, Big Mac invites himself and Rae (Nathalie Boltt) to the party. In the present, George continues writing a column with help from Siouxsie. Then, the couple returns home and begins coming up with food ideas. They also decide that they need a bigger table. Arlo runs into Tracey at the school. She seems to enjoy her new position as principal. Arlo is also confronted by Lindsay (Manon Blackman). Their conversation is brief. Shay hangs out with Ike (Alex Tarrant), while painting. Shay tells Katie about the furniture shopping. She seems jealous. Meanwhile, Fiona is forced to remind George that they’re working together.

arlo 800 words series 2They agree to cook and entertain together. That night, they drink and come up with a meal plan together. The next day, they go out for supplies. They work hard not to invite anyone else. Tom gets in touch with George at the office. He tells George that Gloria isn’t good with small talk. Robbie runs into Fiona. He tries to get her to skip the party and join him at the races. She refuses. Back in the present, Siouxsie tries to convince George to return to his party. He tells her about preparing for the party with Fiona. Back in the past, Monty arrives for the party early. He brings some of his homemade wine. Arlo and Billy (Reon Bell) hang out at the boat club. Then, Tracey and Woody arrive at the party. Fiona pulls a jar out of the fridge and the prepared food crashes to the ground. George promises that everything is fine. He also tries to take the plan.

siouxsie 800 wordsMeanwhile, we see that Katie has gotten a new dress for the event. She promises that she will not leave with Zac. She arrives at the party and gives George a gift. Tom and Gloria arrive at the party. At the boat club, George tries to get in touch with the other worker. She doesn’t show, so he becomes the manager for the night. George and Fiona get another surprise at the party. Smiler (David Fane) arrives with Nurse Alice. Woody confesses to inviting them. Jan (Bridie Carter) calls George and forces him to write another column. When he gets off of the phone, he picks up a hot pan and burns his hands. The pan hits the floor and injures Fiona’s foot. Woody and the others get involved. They agree to take care of everything, while George works on the column and Fiona relaxes. Monty gets Siouxsie to help George type. Meanwhile, Gloria reveals that she went to prison for burying her husband in her backyard.

fiona katie 800 wordsRobbie and his family show up at the boat club. Arlo stands up to Robbie and refuses to serve his brother more alcohol. At that moment, Big Mac calls Robbie and tells him to get his brother to George’s house to fix the dishwasher, which was installed incorrectly. George finally rejoins the party and notices Fiona chatting with Robbie. He hides in the bathroom. When he exits, Robbie leaves and tells George he saved his party. Fiona tells him that she didn’t want to leave with Robbie. George finishes the column and then everyone enjoys the rest of the meal. Once everyone leaves, George and Fiona dance together. They admit that the party was a great disaster. Shay and Arlo return home just in time to see them dancing.


800 Words Review

I never really liked George and his relationships. Nevertheless, this episode was pretty good. The dinner party delivered plenty of entertainment. It was nice to see everyone come together to ensure that the party was a success. It was also fun to see Arlo step up and stand up to Robbie. The episode was pretty entertaining all in all. It scores a good 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of 800 Words now!

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