800 words series 2 episode 1

800 Words Series 2 Episode 1 Recap

As the second series gets underway, we see that George (Erik Thomson) has traveled to visit Shay (Melina Vidler). Both pretend that they’re doing just fine in their current situations. Shay pretends to love Sydney and George insists he is loving life in Weld with Jan. After Shay returns to school, George gets in touch with Arlo (Benson Jack Anthony). They agree that their plan is working well and that Shay should be ready to return home soon enough. Meanwhile, the local police officer tries to teach Woody (Rick Donald), Monty (Jonny Brugh) and the other locals about the dangers of fireworks. With Guy Fawkes Day coming up, he encourages them to stay safe. Jan (Bridie Carter) and Arlo run outside to discover that the officer has blown up their letter box.

800 words series 2 episode 1Woody promises to build them a new one. Monty promises not to blow anything up this year. George returns home. On the way home, he runs into a makeshift head that looks remarkably similar to Big Mac (Peter Elliott). Arlo calls Shay and learns that she has skipped school. He gives her a tour of her room, which has been renovated. George finally makes it home. He is somewhat standoffish with Jan. Jan admits she has made plenty of new friends on his absence. Later, Jan gets invited out to lunch with Big Mac. George attends a parent teacher meeting with Arlo. Things seem to be going great for Arlo. In the hallway, Lindsay (Manon Blackman) is harassed by her father for not getting good grades. After George leaves, Arlo returns to Lindsay and tries to comfort her.

shay 800 words series 2Next, Jan meets with Big Mac. He reveals he is thinking about buying two papers and wants Jan to run one. During this time, George gets a call from Taylor-Rose (Rachel Nicholls). He learns that he will be losing his column. He has one more to write. Jan and George discuss the news. Jan reveals she was having an affair with her boss at the magazine. Arlo walks in and sees the aftermath of the argument. Jan and George begin getting relationship advice from the locals. She cancels the call when Ike (Alex Tarrant) enters the room. Ike asks Arlo for help dealing with Lindsay, who has taken shelter in his RV. To solve the problem, Arlo invites her to stay at his place. George is called down to the pub, where Jan is making drinks. Constable Tom (John Leigh) doesn’t mind. They share a couple, before Jan is rushed away.

arlo 800 words series 2Bill Jr. (Paul Glover) arrives and accuses George of kidnapping his daughter. They rush to George’s home right away. Arlo and Lindsay explain everything. Bill agrees to let Lindsay stay. He tells George that she is his problem now. Later, Shay calls and learns about Lindsay staying over. She is not happy in the least. In the morning, Woody asks George about Jan and her hangover. Then, he offers him relationship advice that he simply cannot understand. George returns home and comforts a sick Jan. Meanwhile, the locals prepare for the upcoming party. Later, George and Jan try to get answers about their current relationship. They agree that they’ve lost a friend and everything has been awkward. They also agree to go to the Guy Fawkes party just as friends.

woody 800 words series 2 episode 1Shay surprises everyone by showing up at the party. To make room for Lindsay, Arlo agrees to sleep on the couch. Shay agrees to move back in, but she has no intention of going back to school. Monty’s fireworks display is great, until he is thrown from the golf cart. Then, the locals are forced to run for their lives.


800 Words Review

What can I say? 800 Words is terribly cheesy and cliché. Nevertheless, I don’t mind it. Each episode lasts just 40 minutes or so and it is a good time killer when you’ve got nothing else to watch. This episode was humorous, but lacking in emotion. The split between George and Jan wasn’t a big surprise. Shay returning to Weld wasn’t a big shocker either. Still, I enjoyed the 40 minute episode. It scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of 800 Words now!

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