The Royals Recap EP6

Prince Liam Marcus The Royals

At the beginning of the episode, the group flies to Monaco, before international customs enters and checks everyone’s belongings. Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) refuses to allow them to check her royal bag. She ridicules Maribel (Hatty Preston) and Penelope (Lydia Rose Bewley) for stuffing their drugs in the no-no zone. Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) speaks with King Simon (Vincent Regan) about their failing relationship.

Royals Recap

Prince Liam (William Moseley) and Ophelia (Merritt Patterson) arrive in Monaco. Eleanor creates a fake sex tape and sends it to Jasper (Tom Austen). Beck (Andrew Cooper) enters and causes a fuss. Jasper watches the fake sex tape, before the Queen enters and asks him about his transfer request. She confirms Jasper is now her bodyguard. Gemma (Sophie Colquhoun) arrives and ruins a moment for Ophelia and Liam. Ashok (Manpreet Bachu) receives a nice vehicle, but he’d rather hang out with the girls at the pool.

Beck The Royals

Liam fires Marcus (Ukweli Roach) for the weekend, so he can have a little fun. Back at the castle, Prudence (Poppy Corby-Tuech) chats with the King. Cyrus (Jake Maskall) watches them from a distance. Eleanor tells Ophelia about Beck, while dressing her up. The pair meet back up with Liam and gamble. Eleanor speaks to Beck and learns his gambling system. Surprisingly, it pays off. Ashok hangs out with Gemma. She bets Ashok’s car and loses everything to Omar.

Poppy Corby Tuech

Ashok speaks to Liam and contemplates ways to get his car back, before Liam impresses Ophelia with his dart skills. Cyrus confronts Prudence and demands she follow the king, when he leaves. Meanwhile, Eleanor continues trying to get Beck to return her drugs, but he insists he doesn’t know where they are. He insists he’d see her everyday, if he could, which makes her upset. Eleanor runs off and drinks with Liam. That night, Ophelia texts Liam and flits with him. She enters his room in a matter of seconds.

The Royals Recap

In the morning, Beck offers Eleanor breakfast in bed and confirms he took the bag. Meanwhile, Gemma confirms to Ashok she has a way to get the car back. Sex with one of the Princesses fails, so Liam enters and challenges the man, Omar (Abhin Galeya), to a game of chance, darts. Jasper speaks to Ted (Oliver Milburn) about his first day with the Queen. He confirms Helena will eventually find out about his questionable background. He threatens him with treason. When asked why he hired him, Ted admits Jasper isn’t his parents and everyone deserves a chance.

Tom Austen

Liam beats Omar, but he refuses to give up the car, until Ophelia enters with the bow and arrow. Ashok winds up with his keys and an arrow in the leg. Marcus takes care of the situation. Eleanor speaks to Beck about being away from the craziness. The pair jump in the pool, before they begin making out. Eleanor stops and leaves Beck alone. Back home, Prudence is shown following the King. However, he catches her and the pair go on a stroll together. They speak about the evils of the world and people’s circumstances. Prudence insists the king cannot help her out of her circumstance, before telling him he is a good man and king.

Marcus Liam and Ashok The Royals

Queen Helena asks Jasper about his parents. She admits to poking around into Jasper’s background and learning about him being kicked out of Las Vegas. He admits that the king of the strip kicked him out, because he thought he was interested in his daughter. Instead, he admits to being interested in the king’s wife and Queen Helena takes the bait. Helena forces Jasper to work for her silence. Meanwhile, Gemma hangs out with Eleanor. The pair speak about their miserable love lives, as Gemma admits she cannot be Ophelia.

Prudence The Royals

Eleanor heads to Beck’s room and gets into his bed. She admits she is glad he is here, as he insists she is proud of her. Meanwhile, Liam and Ophelia do the same in his bed. Gemma is shown stewing outside. The king walks down the street and watches a billboard video of Ashok’s shooting. Queen Helena seems impressed with Jasper, who gets dressed and exits. King Simon, who is carrying flowers, watches him leave. He heads in the other direction.

Gemma Royals

Liam and Ophelia continue having a good time in Monaco. Cyrus reads about Liam’s exploits, when Prudence enters and confirms she will not do it. He threatens her, but she doesn’t back down. When Liam prepares to leave, Gemma reveals she’s decided to stay behind for another week. Helena confronts King Simon, who leaves to speak to the Prime Minister. Eleanor tells Beck he could see her everyday, but he insists he couldn’t. Beck speaks about his wife, who wishes to give it one more try. Beck tells Eleanor to show the world this side of her, before they separate. The group gets off the plane, with Liam and Ophelia announcing their relationship to the world.


A fairly good episode of The Royals. The scheming continues to worsen and King Simon seems to be at the end of his rope. It was definitely nice to see Prudence finally stand up to Cyrus. We can only hope Gemma somehow recovers and pulls off the upset. Either way, the romance is more of a side plot and everything else keeps the show interesting. The episode deserves a 6.5 out of 10.

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