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Elizabeth Hurley The Royals

The episode opens with the introduction of Helena (Elizabeth Hurley), who becomes the Queen of England. Meanwhile, Liam (William Moseley) hangs out at the pub, drinks and throws darts. He is introduced to Ophelia (Merritt Patterson) and the pair quickly strike up a relationship. While out at the club, Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) flashes her privates and becomes a tabloids sensation. King Simon (Vincent Regan) is warned about his son. At the same time, Ophelia and Liam are interrupted by Marcus (Ukweli Roach, Grantchester), who recalls them back to the palace.

The Royals Eleanor Beaver

Back at the palace, Helena ridicules Eleanor over her behavior. Eleanor breaks the news that her brother, Prince Robert, has passed away. With the heir to the throne killed, Liam enters in line to take over, as King. Ophelia speaks to her father, Ted (Oliver Milburn), who happens to be the head of security. Meanwhile, Liam and Eleanor grieve, with Eleanor confiding in her brother. Princess Maribel (Hatty Preston) and Princess Penelope (Lydia Rose Bewley) arrive with a ton of luggage and several dogs. The pair offer their condolences, before entering the palace.

Cyrus The Royals

Ophelia and Liam spend time chatting together. Ophelia breaks the news about her father’s disapproval and intention to keep it quiet. Helena and Simon grieve over Robert’s casket. Despite Simon’s urges, Helena insists she cannot grieve, since she is queen. Cyrus (Jake Maskall) is introduced and quickly insults the commoners on the street. Cyrus contemplates his rise to the top, while Eleanor insults his ex-wife. During the funeral, Liam asks Ophelia out for dinner, before Helena ridicules Liam’s actions. Outside, Liam gives a brief interview and attempts to honor his memory. Of course, in the car, Helena bashes him and his sister.

Ophelia The Royals

With a little more arguing, Helena smacks Liam. Meanwhile, Simon mingles with the commoners and continues to grieve. At dinner, Liam says he is thinking about taking time away from his studies, before Ophelia enters and joins the family. Helena almost instantly insults her, before Cyrus does the same. After a little pickering, Simon announces he is contemplating asking the parliamentary to abolish the monarchy. Once the get together is over, Simon asks a favor from Truman (Jim Piddock).

The Royals Simon

Helena discovers that Truman has taken Simon’s spot in the bedroom, while Simon roams the streets. Ted tells his daughter to refuse dinner next time, but she insists he did it for him. Ted insists it is dangerous to be around the Royal family and he believes thats what got his wife killed. She also belittles her father for neglecting his deceased wife. Eleanor hangs out with Maribel and Penelope, while the trio get high. The group contemplate not being princesses. Meanwhile, Cyrus calls in the maid and attempts to take advantage of her.

The Royals Helena Ophelia

Simon enters and shares a chat and pie with Eleanor. Before they separate, Eleanor questions if she disappoints her father. He insists she has good qualities and that he loves her with all of his heart. When he returns to Helena, Simon finally admits he misses Robert and he won’t let another family member die to this. He suggests staying the same will be the end of them. The pair agree he is the King of England and should act like it. In the morning, Maribel and Penelope finally leave the palace.

Ukweli Roach Marcus The Royals

Helena confronts Ophelia and tells her she would be happen, if Ophelia discouraged the relationship. She also threatens replacing her father, if she doesn’t follow her advice. Ophelia responds by insisting she wasn’t going to pursue it any further, until Helena threatened her. The pair leave on bad turns, before Liam is shown speaking to Marcus about his brother. Despite Liam’s urging, Marcus refuses to drink. After a conversation about Ophelia, Marcus finally taste a drink. Meanwhile, Eleanor leads her bodyguard, Jasper (Tom Austen, Grantchester), through the basement. The pair end up stealing wine.

Jasper The Royals Tom Austen

Next, Eleanor and Ophelia share a drink and discuss Liam. Of course, Ophelia insists she isn’t looking for a boyfriend. The pair offer one another their condolences. Eleanor tells her about her father’s behavior, after her mother’s death and how he stood up to Helena. Ophelia thanks her and runs off to apologize to her father. In the morning, Ted questions his daughter about the Queen’s presence. She tells him the truth and he insists he agrees with the queen, but insists Ophelia shouldn’t listen to him, if she ever feels otherwise. Of course, Liam arrives and asks to speak to her. Ophelia agrees to share coffee with Liam.

Eleanor speaks at her brother’s memorial, before she hits up the club. At the same time Simon and Liam chat on the streets of England. Simon tells his son about frivolous things and love. Simon tells Liam to choose love and his own path. Eleanor wakes up with Jasper and tells him to go home. She admits she cannot remember anything from last night. He admits he has all of her actions recorded on his phone. Cyrus and Simon go out shooting. Simon asks Cyrus who he would’ve been, if he could choose his own destiny and Cyrus admits the king. He nearly shoots and kills Simon, when he turns around.

Ophelia and Liam go out for coffee, while being hounded by the media. Helena watches them leave from afar.


The Royals had some excellent moments, but much of it was overshadowed, by silly sexy scenes. If the show will take itself serious and steer away from the over-the-top craziness, it can really shine. Of course, this is E! we’re talking about, so I wouldn’t count on it. If you’re able to weed through all of the unnecessary silliness, you’ll find a likable experience, with The Royals. The pilot deserved a 6 out of 10.

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