How to Get Away with Murder: Best Christmas Ever Review

The show opens at the Hamrick Hotel in Philadelphia on Christmas day. Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) is shown in a suite drinking and eating, while ignoring a call from Nate Lahey (Billy Brown). She seemingly repeats the task for several days. When she finally returns, she speaks to Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil), who tells her that Sam’s sister, Hannah (Marcia Gay Harden) is upstairs. Hannah questions why Anna fled. Anna insists Sam is a killer and isn’t coming back. Since Hannah doesn’t want to believe her brother could be a killer, Anna gives her a box full of evidence against Sam.

Meanwhile, the students begin a new semester. Although Laurel (Karla Souza) and Connor (Jack Falahee) seems a little anxious, Michaela (Aja Naomi King) is thrilled to have spent time with Aiden (elliot Knight). Connor makes everyone aware of the presence of Sam’s sister. Wes (Alfred Enoch) questions Annalise about Hannah, but she tells him not to worry about it, since he has too much on his plate. Anna receives a visit from Jackie Groves (Jackie Geary), who explains her husband is holding two girls captive in their basement.

Rebecca (Katie Findlay) and Wes discover a Christmas card for Wes’s old roommate, Rudy. Rebecca opens it against Wes’s wishes and steals the money inside. Meanwhile, Jackie explains her situation and her husband, who has been taking in young girls. Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) and the others argue against Annalise, who wishes to make a plea deal with the DA on Jackie’s behalf. Afterwards, the pair meet with the DA, while police storm Jackie’s home. Hannah confronts Anna and tells her about a possible sighting of Sam in upstate New York.

Laurel has dinner with her family. She tells them about Anna and her murderer husband, which shocks everyone, before admitting to seeing two guys, at the same time. With that, Laurel is kicked out of the house, by her father. Laurel confronts Frank (Charlie Weber) and expresses her concern with the potential DNA evidence in Connor’s vehicle, but he insists they’re handling it. Jackie attempts to plead no contest, but the Judge refuses, until she hears from the victims. Anna tasks the students with forming questions that will make Jackie appear to be Vince’s (James Logan) victim too. Asher insists he objects, which results in Bonnie telling him to go work elsewhere. He threatens her with a sexual harassment suit.

Anna discovers Hannah has been stalking her, before confronting her outside of Nate’s place. Nate and Anna talk about their Christmases and Nate’s ill wife, who knows about Anna, but only wants him to be happy. Wes has a nightmare and awakens to Rebecca, who questions him about it. Next, Connor’s christmas is shown. Connor’s sister picks on him, before he hangs out with Oliver, who is weirded out, by Connor’s gifts. Oliver insists the pair aren’t dating. Eventually, Oliver agrees to let him stay and watch The Thorn Birds. Connor tells the other students that his car has been stolen. He takes their advice and questions Frank, who doesn’t seem concerned.

During the testimony, it is discovered that Jackie helped drug the girls. Despite the news, Anna continues supporting Jackie and representing her. Afterwards, Laurel congratulates Frank for handling Connor’s car, but he simply laughs it off. Wes and the crew listen to Jackie’s testimony, as she talks about the stillborn baby. They discover the little girl didn’t die. Jackie tells Anna she will tell her where the girl is, when she gets her plea deal.

Next, we get to see how Asher and Frank spent Christmas Eve. Asher questions about Bonnie, before commenting about one of the women in the club. Back in the present, Asher attempts to stage a walkout, in order to protect working for Jackie. After a talk with Bonnie, Asher agrees to stop being such as jerk. Jackie admits to keep the baby safe and insists she is turning Vince in to keep Lynn safe and let her experience motherhood. The DA agrees to the deal, but Jackie refuses to give up the daughter’s location. Anna eventually convinces Jackie to give up the address to the baby.

The students all get together and explain all of their problems. Eventually, it turns into a blame game and argument between Connor and the others. Hannah shows up and introduces herself to everyone. Finally, we get to see Michaela’s Christmas Eve, when she accuses her fiancee of having sex with another man. This forces him to contemplate postponing the wedding.

Hannah tells Bonnie that nobody witnessed Sam going onto the roof and that his DNA was nowhere on Lila. Hannah attempts to recruit Bonnie to help, but Frank’s presence stops her in her tracks. Anna tells Jackie about Heather, who is with Lynn. Jackie insists the girl will want to see her, after she is 18. Anna confesses she lied about the plea deal. Meanwhile, Connor and Oliver talk about The Thorn Birds, before kissing, but Oliver stops himself. Frank tells Anna that they’ve gotten the police off their scent for a few days thanks to the New York sighting.

Frank questions if Anna wants him to handle the Hannah situation, but she says no. Next, Anna cooks for Hannah, who insists Annalise is hiding something, before demanding the truth. Anna admits to beginning her affair with Nate in the summer and finding out about Lila three months ago. She admits to lying to police about how long she knew about Lila, in order to protect Sam. Annalise states that Sam is gone and Hannah finally seems to believe it. Meanwhile, Wes brings Rebecca a present, but she is distracted by a news story about the discovery of Sam’s remains in the landfill.


Another intriguing episode of How to Get Away with Murder. Although it was a little bit confusing and cluttered with numerous Christmas stories, the episode was strong thanks to a good performance from Viola Davis and Jackie Geary. The Frank character continues to impress, but how will he be able to coverup the discovery of Sam’s remains? Will somebody snap and spill the beans? The episode deserves an 8 out of 10.

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