Grantchester Review Finale Ep6

Sidney Chamber and Amanda Kendall

The episode begins, with Sidney Chambers (James Norton) reminiscing about first becoming friendly with Amanda Kendall (Morven Christie), who was working in an art gallery, at the time. In the present, Sidney meets with the Archdeacon (Geoggrey McGivern), who suggests Sidney is having a crisis of faith, but Sidney suggests he is afraid of the type of person he is becoming. Sidney insists he cannot be happy for Amanda and Guy Hopkins (Tom Austen).

Sidney and Leonard Grantchester

Next, Leonard Finch (Al Weaver) and Dickens come looking for Sidney. Leonard suggests Sidney is acting out and investigating the cases, in order to take his mind off something else. He also offers to listen to Sidney’s problems, but the offer is declined. When he returns home, Sidney has forgotten all about his date with Hildegard Staunton (Pheline Roggan), who is there waiting for him. After a romantic kiss, Sidney visits Geordie Keating (Robson Green). Their conversation is interrupted by DC Atkins (Joe Claflin), who makes them aware of a shooting outside. Sidney speaks to Annie (Sia Berkeley), upon her request, and learns that the shooter’s name was Merlin.

Geordie discovers Merlin is actually the name of a factory. The pair head there, where Geordie is shot in the stomach. At the hospital, Geordie repeatedly says the word “heart”, before being taken into surgery. ¬†During the surgery, Sidney comforts Geordie’s wife, Cathy Keating (Kacey Ainsworth), before Chief Inspector Benson (David Troughton) interrupts and belittles Sidney. Benson tells Sidney to stay away, but he is too stubborn to listen. Back at home, Leonard catches Sidney behaving awkwardly and provides him support and guidance.

Grantchester Geordie Shot

Back at the station, Leonard and Mrs. Maguire (Tessa Peake-Jones) pull off an elaborate scheme to distract the officers, which gives Sidney access to Geordie’s office. After stealing some documents and leaving the station, Sidney is stopped, by Atkins, who tells him to do whatever it takes. Afterwards, Sidney confronts James Heath (Adam James). During the encounter, James is harsh to his wife, Grace (Natasha O’Keeffe). Sidney tells James that two men from his squad during the war have been shot. Sidney requests a list of James’s squad members, but James refuses. After being escorted out, Sidney calls and inquires about Geordie, who is still alive. He also continues to remember his fallen war comrade.

Sidney attempts an event, in order to see Amanda, but ends up looking like a desperate fool. The next day, Hildegard shows concern for Sidney’s drinking, before suggesting he has changed, since coming back from London. Grace provides Sidney, with a list of James’s squad members. When the pair shake hands, Sidney notices bruises on her arms. She confirms James is abusive, but blames it on the war. With the list, Sidney is able to track down Robert Miller (Paul Hilton). Miller suggests Sidney return to Heath and ask him, what he did. Sidney confronts Heath, who is in the middle of a business meeting. Heath calls the police on Sidney, who is interrogated, by Benson. The pair don’t see eye to eye and Benson refuses to suspect Heath.

After being released, Sidney returns to Miller’s home and and Miller tells him what happened in Spreenhagen. He explains that Heath attempted to force him to kill some German prisoners of war. When he couldn’t follow through, James Heath killed the men, without hesitation. Sidney sees a picture on Miller’s wall, which shows him, with a heart tattoo. With the pieces put together, Sidney confronts Miller and the pair fight, before Miller runs outside into the fields. Miller holds Sidney at gunpoint, but ends up using the gun on himself.

Robert Miller

The next day, Sidney is woke up, by Geordie in the hospital. The pair discuss Miller and his motives, before Sidney explains he blames himself for the death of a comrade. He explains he gave the “all clear” and missed a German soldier, who ended up killing Sandy (Gregg Lowe). He discovered a note to Sandy’s sweetheart, but was unable to send it, because it was bloody. Sidney shot and killed Sandy, in order to put him out of his misery.


Sidney returns home and is nursed, by Hildegard, before he reveals his affair, with Gloria. She admits she let her husband do this to her and won’t go through it again. Sidney insists everyone needs him, but he needs her, but she leaves him. Afterwards, Sidney meets Amanda, at the art gallery and apologizes for his behavior. He breaks the news that he won’t be at her wedding and insists their relationship was never meant to be. During James’s business meeting, a beaten and battered Grace reveals herself to his business partners. Hildegard is shown walking the street and running into a man, while Amanda puts on her wedding gown.

Sidney and Geordie

Meanwhile, Geordie’s kids turn Leonard into a beautiful princess. Sidney suggests Amanda was out of his league, but Geordie questions, whether Sidney is in his own league.


Grantchester is a fun, charming ride, which can be enjoyed, by the entire family. With this drama, mystery, there is no need for unnecessary violence or over sexualized scenes. Instead, you receive a well thought out drama, with an exciting new mystery in each episode. The show, despite having a few funny scenes, can be bleak, at times. This episode, much like the previous, was able to touch on some modern societal issues, in this case, PTSD and war. We were also able to experience a tad bit of domestic violence, which still is and always will be a common problem.

Grantchester is definitely worth a watch, especially with a season 2 on the way! The episode deserves an 8.5 and is certainly worth your time.

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